no waste



At Paradiso we have been
ambassadors of sustainability
in the sector for years, we are now
embarking on a project as ambitious
as it is innovative, to be
a 100% waste-free Cocktail Bar.

More sustainable solutions for a better world

Over the years, the use of plastic inside the bar has been
almost completely reduced: plastic straws have been replaced
by biodegradable and ecological straws, cling film and warehouse
wrappers have been removed in favor of sheets of waxed paper,
reusable and therefore more sustainable.

Give waste new uses

Paradiso in 2022 creates Zero Waste Lab, a new space where
it is possible to recycle the few leftovers left in the bar.
To give life to this initiative, Paradiso decided to invest
in the purchase of tools and machines that will be used
in the laboratory to offer a new life to plastic and organic waste.

Zero Waste!

Paradiso currently produces approximately 30 kg of plastic waste per month.
This will be processed and transformed into usable
objects at the bar: bottle openers, trays, containers in general,
plates and coasters, ashtrays, straw holders and everything
that can be created to optimize each resource and reduce waste.
In addition, in the future, these objects may be purchased
by customers: authentic 100% ecological merchandising.

Paradiso have joined the Treedom project, a global initiative that aims to plant trees all over the planet and fight against deforestation, protect the environment, eliminate tons of CO2 and achieve social benefits for rural communities. A greener world is possible!